Sexuality, religion and secularism

Cultural encounters in the African Diaspora in the Netherlands

This project studies the various ways health and sexual wellbeing are understood within the African Diaspora in the Netherlands and the sexual health organisations that count (African) migrants among the groups they target.

We share our findings via the tabs below. You can read more about the research team, associated partners and scholars, as well as the course of the visuals integrated into the background of this website in the ‘About’ section.

This is a 5 year research project funded by the Netherlands Foundation for Research, NWO, running from Januari 2016 to December 2020.

Latest update

Credits: Gabriela Bustamante

Health Organizations

There is a huge variety of Dutch organizations working on the topic of sexual health. Many of them have their own approach, their own method, and their own specialization. We will share some of our insightful experiences in the field.

Credits: Gabriela Bustamante

Religious Leaders

Religion often plays an important role in the ways people shape their lives and the choices they make concerning sexuality and sexual well-being. Therefore, people may draw on teachings in their religious institutions as sources of guidance and inspiration, and contact their religious leader for counselling and advice.