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On September 22nd the first workshop in the project Designing the Body, entitled Let’s Meet will take place in The Hague.  The project team is looking forward to welcoming many women there.






‘Designing the Body’ is a project with, by and for African-Dutch women in which stories are the focal point. During a few workshops, women from African origin in The Hague  are invited to share stories and experiences about how it is to be a woman from African origin in the Netherlands.

Together with designer Gabriela Bustamante the women will translate these stories into ‘typical Dutch’ Delft Blue figurines; so we will express these stories with traditional Dutch tools. Through that, the project will demonstrate  how colorful the
Netherlands actually is. In an exhibition, the figurines and stories will be exhibited and shared with professionals, policymakers and researchers of the city of The Hague.  The goal is to inspire them to improve The Hague (further) so it is a true home for women of African-Dutch background.

The project ‘Designing the Body’ is a project of Kariboe Bibi in collaboration with Design that Matters and the University of Groningen. Together these organisations want to contribute to making visible African women in the city of The Hague in a positive manner. They hope to do so through doing research, making and exhibiting Delft Blue design and offering advice to professionals and policymakers.

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