Policy Brief “Seksueel Welzijn in de context van culturele en religieuze diversiteit”

PolicyBrief_Seksueelwelzijn_CulturalEncounters De Policy Brief legt uit welke kansen en uitdagingen er zijn in de benadering van gezondheid en seksueel welzijn onder mensen met een Afrikaanse achtergrond, in bijzonder wat betreft de rol die religie daarin speelt. De Policy Brief behandelt drie thema’s • Van seksuele gezondheid naar seksueel welzijn • Normativiteit • Diversiteit en inclusieve […]

Policy Briefing Cultuur Sensitieve (Seksuele) Gezondheidszorg in Nederland

De Universiteit Groningen en het NIDI nodigen u van harte uit voor een Policy Briefing Cultuur Sensitieve (Seksuele) Gezondheidszorg in Nederland, op 19 september a.s. van 15:00 – 17:00 uur. Onderzoekers in het project Cultural Encounters in the African Diaspora in the Netherlands zullen hier het rapport Seksueel Welzijn in de context van Culturele en […]

Talking and Walking; Exploring Intersections of Embodiment and Agency in Religious-secular Formations.

Jelle Wiering

Talking and Walking; Exploring Intersections of Embodiment and Agency in Religious-secular Formations.   Noster/CRCG thematic seminar February 27th 2019, Oude Boteringestraat 38, Groningen   On February 27th , 2019, a collaboration of scholars[1] from the University of Groningen, University of Amsterdam, Tilburg University, and Radboud university will organize a one-day seminar on religious and secular forms of […]

Designing the Body – Lets meet! / /

    On September 22nd the first workshop in the project Designing the Body, entitled Let’s Meet will take place in The Hague.  The project team is looking forward to welcoming many women there.           ‘Designing the Body’ is a project with, by and for African-Dutch women in which stories are […]

An embodied education

Jelle Wiering /

An Embodied Education  I’m sitting in the corner of a classroom, watching five actors getting ready for their upcoming play. There is some tension among the actors and they appear a bit nervous. Each of them has her or his own way of preparing. Meanwhile, I am just looking around, observing the classroom: the tables […]

Designing the body. African-Dutch women’s narratives on health and wellbeing / / /

Credits: Gabriela Bustamante  Brenda Bartelink, researcher in our research team, has obtained a grant for a research and design project in which the stories of African-Dutch women are central. The lives and bodies of African-Dutch women in the Netherlands are often discussed in terms of problems around female circumcision, rushed or forced marriages or particular […]