Free course Religion and Sexual Wellbeing: new link


The MOOC on religion and sexual wellbeing developed by the project team has a new link to enable everyone to follow it for free.
Explore how religion, culture, and politics intersect with women’s sexual wellbeing.

During the course you will
  • Explore the dynamics of current polarization in cases on sexual health and reproductive rights you observe in the media in relation to their local, national and global histories.
  • Investigate the differences and interactions between ‘grand schemes and everyday life’ concerning religion and sexuality.
  • Analyse the role of religion and sexuality in specific cultural and gendered contexts.
  • Reflect on all the different contexts through which people become sexually knowledgeable.
  • Investigate the consequences of the polarizing dynamics between religious and secular actors concerning possibilities to improve sexual well being.
  • Reflect on how to position yourself in a way that supports people’s sexual well being and health.