Health Organizations

This part of our website is developed for organizations interested in our research on Dutch sexual health organizations. We will share some of our insightful experiences in the field, and we hope to give readers a more precise idea of what this part of the project actually consists of.  

There are many Dutch organizations working on the topic of sexual health, all featuring their own approach, method, and specialization. We seek to look through the eyes of such organizations, gathering their perspectives, stories, and understandings.

Below, the reader can find some reports from the field: stories that we present in an attempt to present an impression of the field of Dutch sexual health. What motivates the people working for sexual health organisations? What are the specific themes related to sexuality that are deemed particularly relevant in the contemporary Netherlands? What kind of activities do sexual health organizations organize and embark on, and what do these look like? By presenting stories here, we set out to provide some tentative answers to such questions.

Fieldwork encounters. Sharing research findings with religious leaders in The Hague. / /

‘We are getting a better grip, but it is like a culture shock at first’, says the Ghanaian Dutch pastor in response to a presentation by Jelle Wiering about sexuality education in The Netherlands. The presentation takes place in a meeting between the research team and small group of influential pastors, who are interested in […]

Blogs /

Senior researcher in our team, Brenda Bartelink, writes blogs that are inspired by the fieldwork and research for this project. Please find a selection below. The following two were written on Vice Versa, a magazine for people working in International Development Cooperation, and inspired by the fieldwork in the project: Close encounters of a third […]