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Free online course on Religion and Sexual Wellbeing

The project team of ‘Religion, Sexuality and Secularism’ has been working hard to develop a freely accessible 4-week internet course: ‘Religion and Sexual Wellbeing: Pleasure, Piety and Reproductive Rights’, starting on 2 May. Debates featuring sexuality, gender, and reproduction often showcase two clear voices: conservative voices often associated with religion, and liberal voices often associated […]

Policy Brief “Seksueel Welzijn in de context van culturele en religieuze diversiteit”

PolicyBrief_Seksueelwelzijn_CulturalEncounters De Policy Brief legt uit welke kansen en uitdagingen er zijn in de benadering van gezondheid en seksueel welzijn onder mensen met een Afrikaanse achtergrond, in bijzonder wat betreft de rol die religie daarin speelt. De Policy Brief behandelt drie thema’s • Van seksuele gezondheid naar seksueel welzijn • Normativiteit • Diversiteit en inclusieve […]

Fieldwork encounters. Sharing research findings with religious leaders in The Hague.

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‘We are getting a better grip, but it is like a culture shock at first’, says the Ghanaian Dutch pastor in response to a presentation by Jelle Wiering about sexuality education in The Netherlands. The presentation takes place in a meeting between the research team and small group of influential pastors, who are interested in […]